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Zhejiang Great Chemical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical manufacturing, trading and plasticizer industry chain enterprise with a registered capital of 190 million yuan and a total area of ​​about 125 acres.

As China plasticizers manufacturers and fine chemical products suppliers, we mainly wholesale DOP, DOTP, DINP, Various plasticizers such as DOA and fine chemical products such as phthalic anhydride for sale at factory price.

The company is located on the south side of Provincial Highway 01 at the exit of the north bank of Qiantang River Cross-sea Bridge, only 3 kilometers away from Jiaxing Port, with convenient water and land transportation.
  • 2008

    Company was founded on

  • 125

    Total floor area(acres)

  • 180+

    Number of workers

  • 100,000

    DOP annual output(tons)

  • 180,000

    DOTP annual output(tons)

What Sets Us Apart

Our company cooperates with many large domestic listed companies and has a strong customer base.

  • 01

    Quality Control

    We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.

  • 02


    At present, there are 1 set of DOP, DINP and DOTP units, which can produce 100,000 tons of DOP, 180,000 tons of DOTP and 50,000 tons of DINP each year;

  • 03


    All kinds of Weibo chemical products fully meet the national high-grade product standards, and the environmental protection plasticizers also fully meet the EU standards. The products are exported to overseas, including India, Russia and other regions.

  • 04


    The company is only 3 kilometers away from Jiaxing port, with convenient water and land transportation. There are also highways such as Hangpu, Zhajiasu, Shanghai-Hangzhou and Cross-sea lines directly connected.

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